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Dobro Blues Punk from the city streets meets Blues Mama from a goat farm…the rest is one of the finest homegrown music acts you will encounter

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Two Tears in a Bucket fuse some of the oldest 20th century music genres like Piedmont, Delta Country Picking, Appalachian, Folk etc with Funk, Punk, Rock and classic Blues grooves.

They deliver world class lyric writing, instrument playing and vocals, ripping the great traditional genres a new one in the process.

“ Embark on a soul-stirring journey with Two Tears in a Bucket, where emotion meets melody and every note resonates with heartfelt storytelling. A magnetic duo who effortlessly weave together elements of Americana, folk, and blues, creating a sound that is both timeless and deeply resonant. With poignant lyrics that tug at the heartstrings and harmonies that soar, Two Tears in a Bucket invites you into a musical realm where authenticity reigns supreme. Whether delivering haunting ballads or foot-stomping anthems, their performances are a testament to the power of genuine connection through song. Immerse yourself in the rich, emotive tapestry of Two Tears in a Bucket – where every tear shed is a testament to the raw beauty of their musical craft. Join the journey, embrace the stories, and experience the magic that unfolds when they perform for us again. We are so glad to have them back again.” Norton Music Factory, Hostile Entertainment 2024

Nathan Petersen on all things strings and the main songwriter joins powerhouse vocalist Michelle Fitness on vocals, solid rhythm guitar, banjo, bass and surefooted stomp percussion.

Many audiences comment on what a pleasure it is, to not only listen to, but also watch these two dynamic performers bring authenticity and honesty to their interactions with each other, and the audience on stage. Always entertaining as a Duo or a Trio with drums or as a full band


In 2017 they recorded their "Debut EP".  They have played Bendigo Blues and Roots Festival, Mitchell Creek Rock and Blues Festival, Blues on Broadbeach, Melbourne Blues Appreciation Society and Airlie Beach Festival of Music twice to rave audience reviews.

Two Tears in a Bucket tour NSW, VIC and QLD and play all over Northeast NSW and Southeast Queensland regularly with longstanding return bookings as they always deliver a memorable performance.


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