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Dobro Blues Punk from the city streets meets Blues Mama from a goat farm…the rest is one of the finest homegrown music acts you will encounter

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Two Tears in a Bucket fuse some of the oldest 20th century music genres like Piedmont, Delta Country Picking, Appalachian, Folk etc with Funk, Punk, Rock and classic Blues grooves.

They deliver some of the best lyric writing, finest instrument playing and vocalising you will hear in this country.


Two Tears in a Bucket have great respect for tradition and carry a torch for bygone genres, they also have enough disrespect to rip them all a new one.


Nathan Petersen on all things strings and the main songwriter joins powerhouse vocalist Michelle Fitness on vocals, solid rhythm guitar, banjo and surefooted stomp percussion. Many audiences comment on what a pleasure it is, to not only listen to, but also watch these two dynamic performers bring authenticity and honesty to their interactions  with each other and the audience on stage. Always entertaining as a Duo or a Trio (with drums)


Two Tears in a Bucket have toured from Northern Queensland to Central Victoria. In 2017 they recorded their "Debut EP" . In 2018 they played Bendigo Blues and Roots Festival and toured extensively. 2019 they played Mitchell Creek Rock and Blues Festival and Blues on Broadbeach and Airlie Beach Festival of Music to rave audience reviews.


THEY PLAYED AIRLIE BEACH FESTIVAL OF MUSIC again in 2022 and are at present working on their next album at Tone Temple Studios, Dorroughby. Two Tears in a Bucket tour NSW, VIC and QLD twice yearly and play regularly all over North Eastern NSW and South East Queensland with longstanding return bookings as they always deliver a memorable performance.



EMAIL • PHONE 0448007615

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